Maretsch Castle, Bolzano, IT
14. – 16.10.2022

International festival of textile crafts, textile art and design<br>Maretsch Castle, Bolzano, IT<br>14. – 16.10.2022

International festival of textile crafts, textile art and design

In occasion of the Festival Textile Manufactur, 5th edition, a new renowned location has been found in the historical centre of Bolzano: the Mareccio Castle. An ancient mansion is going to be the proper frame for a unique exhibition of top-rated products created in local and international textile workshops and factories. Located in the trilingual region of South Tyrol, the festival is the perfect meeting place for exhibitors and visitors.
It is one of our main goals at the European Textile Academy to promote international cooperation in the textile production field.
Twice a year, the festival attracts numerous exhibitors and visitors from Inland and abroad, creating an international platform for sustainable production and products.Traditional techniques will be displayed next to the most up-to-date ones. Visitors too will get a special opportunity to closely see and appreciate top-level handiwork or workshop creations, fabrics, unusual textile design and eco-friendly oriented manufacturing

European Textile Academy
Bolzano (BZ) Via dei Portici 71 39100

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