Intellectual Beauty - Curated by Rodrigo Franzão
01.09.2022 – 28.02.2023

Intellectual Beauty - Curated by Rodrigo Franzão 01.09.2022 – 28.02.2023 Online:

The visual appearance of the exhibition is based on Elsa Montell’s raanu Bear’s Hibernation and original typography, hand-carved by Matti Saanio. Graphic material is designed by Venla Valmu 2022.

Opening on the 1st of September, the Museu Têxtil exhibits a selection of contemporary artistic production of Textile Art and Mixed Technique between the years 2004 to 2022. There are 116 works, by 43 artists, from 18 nationalities that cross Poetics and Aesthetics to give forms the new possibilities of interaction with Art and Culture.

Seeking, once again, to create a dialogue and promote cultural and artistic exchange between Brazil and other countries, the exhibition curated by Rodrigo Franzão provides the spectator with a unique experience, since, with the definitive arrival of the Metaverso, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with the contemporary mechanisms of interaction with virtual reality, adapting to an analogous world, which tries to replicate reality with a focus on social connection.

In order to introduce the universality of the concepts and expressions of art present in the research, techniques and styles that are presented by Textile and Mixed Techniques Artists, curator Rodrigo Franzão, for this 2nd International Virtual Exhibition, entitled “Intellectual Beauty”, insinuates the references the Greek philosopher, Plato, and the art critic, Harold Osborne, leading us to reflect on our own process of evolution and transcendence. A path taken individually by each art admirer. Fascinating trajectory, which escorts us in a friendly and receptive way to the clairvoyance that the concept of beauty is intimately linked to transparency in the process in which the individual manipulates and appropriates the materiality of the world to unfold his evolution. This appropriation is apparently frequent in the world of ideas; affluence of memory, affection, experience and beauty.

The virtual exhibition will run from September 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023, and can be viewed at the link With free admission, the 360º virtual environment can be navigated through the existing points on the floor of the exhibition space. By clicking on these points, the viewer transits and interacts with the works of art distributed over 3 floors, accessed by elevator or stairs. It is also possible to obtain information about the artists and their works just by clicking on the exhibited works.



Rodrigo Franzão is founder of the Museu Têxtil, visual artist and independent curator of Textile Art, Mixed Technique and Dimensional Art. Graduated in Literature from Universidade São Marcos and in Arts from Centro Universitário Claretiano. He has an MBA in Art History and Visual Culture from Universidade Cândido Mendes and a specialization in Psychopedagogy and Art Therapy from Faculdade Paulista de Artes. Currently he is improving his skills with an MBA in Museology, Curatorship and Management of Exhibitions at the University of Taubaté.



Established in 2020, the Museu Têxtil aims to promote cultural and artistic exchange between Brazil and other nations, to show primarly the universality of concepts and expressions of art present in research, techniques and styles that are presented by Textile Artists, Mixed Techniques and Dimensional Arts.

Our focus is to promote the work of artists who use textile strategies as support in their creations. In addition, our intention is to foster an environment of research, production and exhibition of this cultural manifestation and form of artistic expression.

Since art is a marriage between the real and the utopian, the Museu Têxtil seeks to exhibit, through the emphatic self-referential rhetoric of artists from different cultures and background, the foundations that structure their artistic research by investigating the representative meaning by which the artist uses the senses and refers to the senses of alluding a tangible physical world to which we are established.



Lia Porto @liaporto_art
Verónica Ryan @vero.ryan

Rachael Wellish @rachael_wellisch

Renato Dib @renatodib
Vanessa Freitag @freitag_textileart
Mariana Porto @marianaportoart
Mylene F. Rizzo @mylenerizzofotografia
Julian Campos @juliancampos
Jéssica Costa @jessicacosta

Fuzzy Mall @quiltedportrait

Muriel Maire @murielmaireart
Claude COMO @como_claude
Armelle Blary @armelleblary
Adeline Contreras @contreras_adeline
Séverine Gallardo @severinegallardo

Franziska Warzog @ franziska_wzg

Natsuko Hattori @natsuko.hattori

Miriam Medrez @miriammedrez

The Netherlands
Matthias de Vogel @ faultlineslab
Jeannet Leendertse @Jeannet_leendertse
Karola Pezarro @karolapezarro
Preta Wolzak @ pretawolzak
Gerda Schimmel @gerdaschimmel

Cristina Rodo @cri.ations_fiberart
Ânia Pais @ania.pais
Mónica Leitão Mota @monicaleitaomota

Louise Barrington @louise_barrington

South Korea
Ami Park @iam__ami_

Ellen Dynebrink @ellendynebrink
Jonas Liveröd @jonasliverod
Clara Fina Frisk @clarafinafrisk

Fabian Matz @atelierfabianmatz

Mustafa Boga @bogamust

The UK
Matthew Downham
Susie Koren @susiekoren

Ariadna Pastorini @ariadna_pastorini

Rima Day @rimadayart
Katherine Hunt @katherineahunt
Cathy Jacobs @cathyjacobs_art
Courtney Cox @courtneycoxart
April J. Wright @apriljwright
Star Trauth @startrauth

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Ikat/Höfta (hip), 2019 // Ikat weave, hand dyed cotton + linen; 9.84 x 39.37 in // Tecido Ikat, algodão tingido à mão + linho; 25 x 100 cm

Midwestern Spring, 2019 // Handwoven linen and stainless steel hangers; 62 x 18 x 7 inches // Linho tecido à mão e cabides de aço inoxidável; 157 x 46 x 18 cm

Rymmer kroppen själen? (Body: soul container), 2019 // Wool weave; 47.24 x 27.56 in // Lã tecida; 120 x 70 cm

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