Installation "Creative Hands"
by Natalia Tsvetkova
shown in St. Petersburg, RU
12.04. – 04.05.2021

Installation "Creative Hands"<br>by Natalia Tsvetkova<br>shown in St. Petersburg, RU<br>12.04. – 04.05.2021

Photo: Nataloa Tsvetkova

ETN member Natalia Tsvetkova created the installation «Creative Hands» made out of metal and wire in 2014. She was awarded the recognition «The Best Art Object» at the VII Annual International Festival Imperial Gardens of Russia 2014.

“The idea of my work is the creation of a symbol of creativity - the Hands of the Creator. Currently we live in a changing world filled with new technologies, so my Creative Hands can become a symbol of the modern Artist in the wide sense of this word.” Natalia Tsvetkova

Right now the installation «Creative Hands» is part of the exhibition «Space by Creator’s Hands», which takes place from 12. April to 4. May 2021 in the art space «Fabrica» in Saint Petersburg. April 12th marks the 60th anniversary of the fact that a person has flown into space. It was the Russian Yuri Gagarin who is remembered on this show.

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