Heads up: Hats, Hoods, Hip Hop Caps
Bayrisches Nationalmuseum, München, DE
20.10.2022 – 30.04.2023

Heads up: Hats, Hoods, Hip Hop Caps<br>Bayrisches Nationalmuseum, München, DE<br>20.10.2022 – 30.04.2023
Source: www.bayerisches-nationalmuseum.de/en/visit/exhibitions/heads-up

With over 250 hats, bonnets, caps, veils and other headgear, as well as paintings and sculptures, the exhibition provides a grand overview of the cultural history of headwear. Head coverings are an important element of self-expression, and a prime means of communication. They confer dignity upon the wearer, make hierarchies visible, create social distance, but also strengthen the sense of community.
The bandwidth of the objects shown ranges from magnifi cent mitres over graceful ladies’ hats all the way through to the latest designer headwear. The collection of hats once belonging to King Ludwig II and Otto von Bismarck shed light on the preferences of prominent personalities. Unique creations by Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones are on display alongside models by Dior, Cardin and Saint Laurent. The exhibited headwear reconciles both past and present and clearly demonstrates: Headwear functions both as social markers and fashion statements, off ers a unique variety and is simply beautiful!

More information:
THEATRICAL HAT, Southern Germany, ca. 1720-40
Source: www.bayerisches-nationalmuseum.de/en/visit/exhibitions/heads-up
LADY’S HAT, Hut-Breiter, Munich, ca. 1960
Source: www.bayerisches-nationalmuseum.de/en/visit/exhibitions/heads-up
Bayrisches Nationalmuseum
Prinzregentenstraße 3
80538 München

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