Haptic and Hue
Third season of the Tales of Textiles podcast
by Jo Andrews

Haptic and Hue<br>Third season of the Tales of Textiles podcast<br>by Jo Andrews

The third season of Haptic and Hue’s Tales of Textiles podcast has just started and will run until the end of the year. The Episodes will run every two weeks from September 9th until December 16th 2021.

Presented by the handweaver and broadcaster, Jo Andrews, the series is called The Chatter of Cloth. It takes 8 different fabrics and listens to their story, what they are and where they came from, but more importantly what they meant to the people who made them and used them.

The first episode starts with a cloth fragment that was seized as a woman fled her home in fear of her life, and is now being used to change the way we think about textiles. Another looks at a pattern that has travelled the world for thousands of years turning up with different meanings in cultures as diverse as Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon and the American Wild West.

There is the story of how a fabric sparked hardship and wartime scandal, and the tale of a quilting tradition that refused to travel and instead put down deep roots in a rural area of northern England.

Time to settle down and come on a voyage with Haptic and Hue. The podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms or at www.hapticandhue.com/listen    

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