Gina Ballinger
Galerie art textil sent, Sent, CH
27.08. - 11.11.2022

Detail: Azur 3 (c) Gina Ballinger

From the 27th of August  - September 11th 2022 the gallery Textileart-Gallery “art textil sent” in Lower Engadine, Switzerland is showing the work of the artist Gina Ballinger. She is Austrian with American roots and comes from Graz. She has found her own, very personal visual language within the art of embroidery.
What has been of great importance to Gina Ballinger is finding a new way of defining  traditional aesthetic values with her very own pictorial language.
Smallest of motifs (i.e. human figures, animals, trees) composed into exciting pictures. The aliveness of these little figures, they're being in motion and their mischievous wit are simply wonderful. She sees them as reflecting the “inner child” in each of us.
Gina Ballinger met her husband Erich Ballinger (Austrian children’s book author) in Los Angeles, California. Before that she had been studying at Chouinard Art Institute – Los Angeles, now known as the California Institute of the Arts. Her art of the stitch is self-taught and has through the years developed into her very own way of expressing herself.
Her inspiration has always been her life, as she calls it, “ living in the foreign lands”, her drawings, and her diaries. Women in the arts has also been a lifelong study and an influencer of her art.
Vernissage: 27. August 2022, 14.00h
Exhibit: 27. Aug - 11 Sept., 12:00h - 18.00h, daily. Except Mondays

art textil sent
Chasa Triazza
Stron 277
CH-7554 Sent
Tel.: +41 79 696 54 01



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