Four Elements
Exhibition by the Textile Artists' Guild of Saint Petersburg
Klementyev Tower, St. Petersburg, RU
21.08. – 21.09.2021

Four Elements<br>Exhibition by the Textile Artists' Guild of Saint Petersburg<br>Klementyev Tower, St. Petersburg, RU<br>21.08. – 21.09.2021

exhibition view, photo: Textile Artists' Guild of Saint Petersburg

The Exhibition project of the Textile Artists' Guild of Saint Petersburg in the Klementyev Tower of the Old Ladoga Fortress (Staraya Ladoga viilage, Russia).

The project "Four Elements" has been originally created for display within natural landscape (so-called land-art) and then was adapted to the space of the exhibition hall.
The idea of the project combines a completely modern approach in performance and the eternal theme of the power and interaction of natural elements.
The design of the exposition turned into really artistic process. Photographs of landscapes, taken by artists themselves, were printed on banner fabric intended for outdoor advertising. Further, artists supplemented photos with "new elements": author's textiles, embroidery, collages. These panels turned into independent works and background for spatial objects.
The exhibition also includes artworks in sync with the main theme realized in various textile techniques.

Participants of the exhibition:
Svetlana Andryunina, Olga Baturina, Nadezhda Baranova, Elena Belousova, Sergei Belousov, Alina Vasilkova, Tatiana Vlasova, Maria Ermolaeva, Natalia Galumova, Inna Gubina, Anna Gudkova, Natalia Dromova, Elena Kuralesova, Natalia Kuradenieva, Zoya Lendenskaya-Bolshakova, Tatyana Orlova, Olga Oreshko, Elena Pavlova, Natalia Pershina-Kalliopina, Tatyana Petrova, Yulia Stekolshchikova, Ekaterina Strunina, Natalia Tsvetkova, Larisa Chubaryan, Anna Neutzel, Elena Elik, Irina Yablochkina

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