MAK Museum Vienna, AT
01.02.2023 - 21.05.2023

Folds MAK Museum Vienna, AT 01.02.2023 - 21.05.2023

MAK Exhibition View, 2023, FOLDS © MAK/Georg Mayer

With the exhibition FALTEN (German for folds or wrinkles), the MAK Asia Collection deciphers the complexity of the phenomenon of Falten with regard to technical, creative, physical, symbolic, and cultural dimensions.

The transmedially conceived show illuminates Falten in multiple perspectives from the viewpoints of the history of design, culture, and ideas as well as cultural anthropology. Starting from a comprehensive concept, Falten are presented not only in the form of fabric designs and as a design method. They are also discussed as cultural practices and as a topos of aesthetic distinction in order to show their broad facets as a cultural technique and their philosophical-symbolic dimensions. A wide range of objects can be seen: from textiles and works on paper to furniture and paintings. The transregional exhibits are partly from the MAK collection and are supplemented by loans.

Mio Wakita-Elis, Curator, MAK Asia Collection

Clemens Auer / Wilhelm Burger / Ursi Fürtler / FURUKAWA Aika / FUSE Tomoko / Henry Peter Glass / Wilhelm Gmeiner / HISHIKAWA Moronobu / Judith Huemer / IPPITSUSAI Bunchō / Imperial Viennese Porcelain Manufactory / KATSUSHIKA Hokusai / Olivier Leblois / Lex Pott / David Lloyd / Issey Miyake / Mizuno NANBOKU / NISHIDA Shatner / W. Ordèn / Verner Panton / Gastone Rinaldi / Peter Sandbichler / Antoin Sevruguin / Chishen SHIU / SONG Jing / Gerda und Kurt Spurey / SUDO Reiko / Usono inc. / YAMAMOTO Tōkoku
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Two-panel folding screen (byōbu), Japan, 18 c. MAK, OR 3884 © MAK

SUDŌ Reiko, scarf in shaded beige/pale pink/wine red, 1997 © MAK/Branislav Djordjevic

Usono inc., Projekt That face, no. 00, 2021 © MAK/Kristina Wissik

Usono inc., project That face, no. 01, 2021 © MAK/Kristina Wissik

Judith Huemer, from the series Headquarters, 2021 © Judith Huemer/Bildrecht, Vienna 2022

Kurt and Gerda Spurey, Aufbruch [Departure], 1974 © MAK/Georg Mayer

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