Dresses for Giants
Shelly Goldsmith
ACS Margate, GB

Dresses for Giants<br>Shelly Goldsmith<br>ACS Margate, GB<br>10.09.-17.09.2022

©Shelly Goldsmith

Ramsgate-based artist Shelly Goldsmith's practice explores the evocative force of cloth and conscience. An RCA alumna and recipient of the prestigious Jerwood Prize in 2002, Goldsmith uses fragments of archetypal women's dress and large-scale textile installations to convey themes of identity, fragility and psychological transition. Her work is informed by research collaborations with practitioners from the world of Psychiatry and Forensic Science.

Press Release & Invitation:

ACS Margate
Unit 11-15 All Saints Industrial Estate
Margate CT9 5TJ7
United Kingdom
10 September – 17 September 2022
PV Sat 10th Sept

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