Do you also have pretty motifs?
New Book by Tanja Boukal

Do you also have pretty motifs?<br>New Book by Tanja Boukal

Wo Blumen blühen..., 2018 (Where flowers bloom, Detail) (c) Tanja Boukal



Of Revolts and Escapes

People and their interactions in social contexts are at the center of Tanja Boukal’s (*1976) works. The artist is not so much interested in the outward impression people usually make and leave behind, but in what they are capable of when confronted with extraordinary situations: how do they arrive at possible solutions, what strategies do they pursue, and, last but not least, how much willpower do they need to achieve their goals?  And does that then also account for part of their joy in life, do they pursue happiness for themselves alone, or do they seek it together with others? For Boukal, every­thing begins with the notion of human dignity; her works focus on people who otherwise would remain mostly in the dark. These are often women who combine traditional crafts with creativity and a love of life. Tanja Boukal wants to give people space for such activities, they ought to be remembered by the viewers in that they create something mean­ing­ful; but the portrayed people themselves also benefit in their self-conception by contributing to Tanja Boukal’s art – a humanistic win-win situation that, in this case, actually deserves its name.

Tanja Boukal: Do you also have pretty motifs?
Text (German/English) by Tina Teufel as well as a conversation between Tanja Boukal and Sandrine Wyman
208 p. with 350 Color illustrations
Format 28.5 x 24.5 cm, Hardcover
Published by‎ Snoeck (9. November 2021)
ISBN 978-3-86442-368-0
48,00 € 
ISBN 978-3-86442-368-0
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(c) Tanja Boukal

Do you know, Tanja Boukal, 2019
Source: Tanja Boukal | Weißt Du, dass wir verloren haben?

Where flowers bloom, 2018, 42 x 32 cm each, Stumpwork on woven cloth

Where flowers bloom, 2018, 42 x 32 cm each, Stumpwork on woven cloth

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