Exhibition of Monika Haeussler-Goeschl
Textilscheune Nettetal, DE

Dialogue<br>Exhibition of Monika Haeussler-Goeschl<br>Textilscheune Nettetal, DE<br>28.08.-31.10.2022

©Monika Haeussler-Goeschl


In this exhibition Monika Haeussler-Goeschl focusses on the dialogue with the
material she works with. The idea is rooted in a quotation of Bauhaus artist Anni
‚What I am trying to get across is that material is a means of communication.
That listening to it, not dominating it makes us truly active, that is: To be active, be passive.’
Monika Haeussler-Goeschl loves to experiment with materials to explore their limits.
Part of this investigation is to accept the characteristics and distinctive abilities of the
material. This dialogue results in a successful cooperation between material and
maker. On show is work of three groups of material.
The artist often works with knitting, both hand and machine. She enjoys to produce
work from one continuous strand of yarn and to deal with the limitations of this
traditional technique.
Opening hours: 28.08. – 31.10.2022, Sunday 11.00-18.00
More information:
Textilmuseum & Textilwerkstatt DIE SCHEUNE
Krickenbecker Allee 21
41334 Nettetal

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