Contemporary Tapestry 2020
Exhibition at Claregalway Castle, Galway, GB
Online since 30.10.2020

Contemporary Tapestry 2020<br>Exhibition at Claregalway Castle, Galway, GB<br>Online since 30.10.2020
The International Contemporary Tapestry exhibition is part of the PROJECT BAA BAA, a unique programme celebrating the cultural, economic and environmental contribution of sheep in Ireland and Europe:

The exhibition programme at Claregalway Castle, Co. Galway, introduced by Professor Lesley Millar, presents a contemporary view on tapestry making in a combined exhibition of InterconnectionsTimelines on the Edge and Tapestry 20/20. The selected works, amongst others from Anet Brusgaard, Professor Wlodzimierz Cygan, Thoma Ewen, Valarie Kirk, Marie Thumette Brichard, Jasuko Fugino and Line Dufour, can be viewed and purchased through the following link:

TAPESTRY 20/20 is an exhibition of work by top international tapestry artists, Anet Brusgaard - Denmark, Prof. Włodzimierz Cygan - Poland, Thoma Ewen - Canada, Valerie Kirk - Australia, Marie Thumette Brichard - France and Yasuko Fujino - Japan supported by EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee and Line Dufour - Canada.
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Catalogue introduction by Professor Lesley Millar:
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INTERCONNECTIONS is a biennial collaboration of contemporary tapestry artists (Scotland and Ireland).  The tapestries have been made over the past two years by the 8 participating professional tapestry artists, Ireland: Frances Crowe, Mary Cuthbert, Terry Dunne, Angela Forte and Scotland: Joan Baxter, John Brennan, Clare Coyle, Elizabeth Radcliffe.
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TIMELINES on the Edge  Tapestry artists produced the second collaborative Tapestry Artwork in two years. The artists put together the collaborative design and the loom was set up in April 2019, weaving alternative weekends and completed this September.
Exhibiting Artists: Catherine Ryan, Frances Crowe, Frances Leach, Heather Underwood, Joan Baxter, Lorna Donlon, Muriel Beckett, Pascale De Coninck, Terry Dunne and Trish Canniffe.
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The exhibitions are supported by the EU, Creative Ireland Programme, EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee, Printworks Galway, Roscommon Arts Centre, LEO Roscommon, Galway City & County Council, Roscommon County Council, Weavers Bazaar, UK, Ceadogan Rugs, Wexford and Connemara based, The Dixon Carpet Company.

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