Contemporary Material Art Exchange Exhibition
Online, starting in August 2021

China-Uruguay<br>Contemporary Material Art Exchange Exhibition<br>Online, starting in August 2021

The "Material Thinking" China-Uruguay Contemporary Material Art Exchange Exhibition is first presented online. 54 material-based artists from China and Uruguay participate in this exhibition. Cultural and artistic exchange and friendship between the two countries is emphasized in this important exhibition titled “Material Thinking”.

In this art presentation we are studying the subjectivity and initiative of artists from Uruguay and China in their choosing of various materials to create modern art. Materials are a common and fundamental language, and once they are given an expressive art form, they can break the barriers of different languages and concepts, making equal communication and dialogue possible. Through this exhibit, we hope to discover new horizons in contemporary art, and to create a strong network with artists and scholars worldwide, connected by the aspiration and love for material art. 

See the art works online:

Carmen Imbach Rigos, Uruguay: El silencio de la espera, 2020, Source:


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