China and USA Technology and Innovation in Fiber Art
virtual exhibition
23.11. – 24.12.2020

China and USA Technology and Innovation in Fiber Art<br>virtual exhibition<br>23.11. – 24.12.2020

Since 1960, Fiber Art has brought the presence of many astonishing artists and art projects to the contemporary art scene. The field has had incredible attention with unlimited material explorations, historical and inventive techniques, intimate and public site installations, and a wide arrangement of personal, cultural, and social journeys in the making. It seems the textile field has continuously evolved in the contemporary art scene, as well as design and industry over fifty years, and most recently with digital technology and science.

The 2020 China and USA Technology and Innovation in Fiber Art exhibition presents contemporary Fiber Artists who have demonstrated their research and investigation in innovative approaches in textile methodology, materiality, and technology. Twenty artists from China and twenty artists from the United States manifest a variety of approaches in their art making, and often the state of concurrent artistic and cultural interest through the rich contemporary textile art format. I hope this exhibition will allow Fiber Artists, viewers, audience, and supporters to reexamine where this field is at now, and will be an inspiration for the future generation of textile artists.

The 2020 China and USA Technology and Innovation in Fibre Art Exhibtion has been jointly planned and organized by the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, Beijing and the University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

Artists: Lin Lecheng, Hong Xingyu, Yue Song, Jin AnSha, Gao Jing and Lu Gi, Wu Fan, Ren Guanghui, Li Hui, Xie Yong, Yang Jing, Li Wei, Wang Jian, Zeng Qiaoling, Shi Jindian, Gu Yue, Jia Zijian, Jiang Yunge, Huang Yan, Guo Yaoxian, Wang Lei from China, and Andrea Alonge, Danielle Andress, Jennifer Angus, Liz Collins, Lia Cook, Annet Couwenberg, Jessica Dolence, Marianne Fairbanks, Marcie Miller Gross, Jane Lackey, Mi-Kyoung Lee, Abbie Miller, Mark Newport, Rowland Rickett, Warren Seelig, Piper Shepard, Heather Ujiie, Tali Weinberg, Anne Wilson, Jayoung Yoon from the United Sates.

VIRTUAL EXHIBITION:   Monday, November 23 - Thursday, December 24

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Lia Cook: Su Series

Annet Couwenberg: Folded Bodywear_Headware

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