Call for Entries: "totgeliebt" ("loved to death") on the topic of femicide
The Attic, Vienna, AT
Application deadline: 15.09.2024

Call for Entries: "totgeliebt" ("loved to death") on the topic of femicide The Attic, Vienna, AT Application deadline: 15.09.2024

Christine Todt, Nightmare

Call for entries for the exhibition "totgeliebt” (“loved to death”) on the topic of femicide
in cooperation with the Arts and Cultural Association Semmelweisklinik

In recent years, we are increasingly being confronted with reports of violence against women and girls. Media often describe this as "killing for love" or "relationship drama". Perpetrators and murderers are often in a close relationship to the victims. These "individual case" terms mask the underlying structural and systemic violence that repeatedly culminates in these acts. "Violence for love," isn't that an irreconcilable contradiction? Where does this habit of trivializing or even justifying violent behavior with "love" come from? Isn't love the exact opposite of violence? How does this lurking violence affect us as human beings?

With our works, we want to call attention to this dynamic in our society. We want to stir up the viewers and sharpen their senses for this topic. The submitted works are to use texts from literature, media, interviews or even own texts as a starting point and inspiration, and will establish connections to the topic and invite new perspectives for the viewers.

This exhibition is a cooperation project of the Textile Section of the Professional Association of Fine Artists of Austria with the Arts and Cultural Association Semmelweisklinik. Therefore, the submitted works should be textile works or make use of textile techniques or elements. An independent jury will select the works for the exhibition.

Work and text will be exhibited together.


Exhibition venue:
The Attic - Semmelweisklinik Arts and Cultural Center
Hockegasse 37, House 4, 1180 Vienna

The attic exhibition rooms are unfortunately not accessible for wheelchair users.

The Semmelweisklinik venue is located in the technical building of the former women’s hospital in Vienna’s chic 18th district. It is an artist-run collective space for experimental and collaborative processes and an interim use pending restauration of the historical buildings and their conversion to learning institutions.

Applicants are requested to submit the following:

  • 3 to max. 5 photos of the works to be exhibited and the completed application form by 15.09.2024 by e-mail to:
  • In addition, the text that inspired the work.
  • Only complete, formally appropriate and timely documents will be submitted to the jury.
  • The announcement of the participating artists is expected to take place after the jury decision by 15.10.2024.
  • The participation fee per artist is 50€.
  • Payment to the account of Sawatou Mouratidou, Raiffeisenbank NOE-Vienna,
    IBAN: AT76 3200 0000 1135 9452, reference: exhibition "totgeliebt", Semmelweisklinik
  • The payment of the participation fee has to be made by 25.10.2024 at the latest (after notification of the jury decision).
  • Attendance at the vernissage on 15.11.2024 at 6 pm is compulsory.
  • Supervision will be assumed by the artists.

If you have any questions, please contact:
We are looking forward to your submissions!

Sawatou Mouratidou
Leiterin der Sektion Textilkunst, +43 676 5429 543

Linda Gaenszle
Stellvertretende Sektionsleiterin

Nathalie Frickey
Vorstand Kunst- und Kulturverein Semmelweisklinik, +43 699 1263 7442

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