Call for artists for the 4th Textile and Contemporary Tapestry Triennial at the Tsaritsyno Museum, Moscow, RU
Exhibition: May - August 2021
Deadline: 10.04.2020

4th Textile and Contemporary Tapestry Triennial at the Tsaritsyno Museum, Moscow, RU

Photo credit: Tsaritsyno Museum

The State Museum-Reserve of History, Architecture, Art and Landscape “Tsaritsyno” in  Moscow is organizing the 4th Textile and Contemporary Tapestry Triennial which will be shown from May – August 2021.

The show which takes place inside the Grand palace and outside in the park wants to redefine the position of traditional tapestry in contemporary art and establish a dialogue between Russian artists and the international art community. Exhibitions held as part of the Triennial should reflect relevant and innovative trends in the field of modern weaving, thereby stimulating the development of textile art in Russia.

The theme of the IV Textile and Contemporary Tapestry Triennal — In Search of Space — turns attention to the uncertainty of the position of tapestry in the ecosystem of Russian contemporary art that currently falls somewhere between a designed object and a woven painting. Having an extensive collection of tapestries from the second half of the 20th century, the Tsaritsyno Museum together with its partners: Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry, the Association of Decorative Artists, and Kosygin Russian State University, all of which preserve the traditions of this craft, acts as a driving force for redefining this art form.

Historically, tapestry’s intended purpose was to model and organize the built environment, which is very close to the ideas of architecture. At the same time, the modern tapestry has developed a variety of techniques and materials and has long become an independent art form well-fitted into both interior and open space. Architecture, in this case, serves as a setting, a source of ideas, and a background for tapestry. The theme “In Search of Space” is diverse and should inspire artists to experiment with the philosophy and forms of a traditional tapestry, possibly transforming it into a woven work of art.

Artists can apply in different categories until 10th April 2020. The organizational fee for participation in the Triennial is 50 euro. This amount is charged only from participants who have passed the first stage of selection.

This exhibition is a good opotunity for artists, who want to take part in the ETN conference in May 2021 in St. Petersburg to show their work in Russia. There will be the possibility to see the exhibition in Mosow after the ETN conference!

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