“Berøringspunkter” - Points of contact
Exhibition by the University of Bergen
at the Textile Industry Museum, MUHO
18.04. - 09.05 2021

“Berøringspunkter” - Points of contact<br>Exhibition by the University of Bergen<br>at the Textile Industry Museum, MUHO<br>18.04. - 09.05 2021

Agnes Moe Larseon, No: Do we really know anything important about anyone? (detail)

The Faculty of Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen presents new work by art students who deal with textile materials and techniques in a variety of ways. “Berøringspunkter” - Points of contact “creates spaces in which different ideas and perspectives meet, in which one touches and is touched.

The textile studies in Bergen offer a diverse and vital environment for students and teachers who jointly examine a wide range of topics within artistic practice. The exhibited works by Bachelor and Master students show a variety of forms of expression; analog and digital, conceptual or artisanal. They are created in various techniques such as printing, dyeing, weaving, knitting, sewing, photography or new media and self-developed methods. The works represent thoughts and reflections on topics such as communication, identity, sustainability and nature. “Berøringspunkter” follows a long tradition of collaboration and marks a new chapter. The exhibition was curated by Professor Tim Parry-Williams, Associate Professor Tone Saastad and the artist and youngest graduate Daniela Bergschneider.

Venue: Galerie Salhus, Museum for Textile Industry, MUHO / Museum Center in Hordaland.
Time: April 18 - May 9, 2021

Salhusvegen 201
NO-5107 Salhus


Nina Erikkson, SE: We pass one another n the doorway to the next room – you seem to not remember me – you seem to never have seen me before


Wiktoria Gazda, PO: Secret Spaces


Nora Martine Hjelle Strand, NO:


Emelie Larsson, SE: This well help you to heal


Eivor Slagedal, NO: Harvest the birch sap when the ants come out of their nest

Jara von Lüpke, DE: Second skin

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