Asia-Europe 5
Poikilo-museums Kouvola, FI

Asia-Europe 5<br>Poikilo-museums>br>Kouvola, FI<br>30.9.2021–9.1.2022

Moon-Jiyoung Flying-Spore, 2019 (detail), Source:  


The Asia-Europe 5 exhibition presents works from 36 artists from Asia and Europe. The works have been made with various techniques out of textiles and paper materials using a contemporary approach. The exhibition highlights different cultural and original ways in which fibrous materials and textile traditions can be used and utilized. The exhibition features several sculptural pieces made of everyday materials that have been manipulated and used in surprising ways. This experimental approach invites not only visual expression but also evokes questions about the value of materials and their endless possibilities and significance.

The fifth Asia-Europe exhibition series launched in Kouvola will continue in 2022 to Belgium, Germany and Denmark. The exhibition series was started by artist Erny Piret in 2009. Her goal was to showcase the diverse and rich works by European and Asian textile artists who have different cultural backgrounds. The Asia-Europe 5 -exhibition has been curated by Marika Szaraz and Raija Jokinen.

Varuskuntakatu 11, Kouvola-talo
45100 Kouvola, FI

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