Traveling exhibition starting at Art Center Silkeborg Bad, DK on 28.02.2021
Online catalogue already available!

ARTAPESTRY6 2021<br>Traveling exhibition starting at Art Center Silkeborg Bad, DK on 28.02.2021<br>Online catalogue already available!

Lise Frølund, DK: Child, 2016, 110 x 140 cm
Photo: Anette Fuglsang

The European Tapestry Forum (ETF) was set up 2001 by tapestry weavers for tapestry weavers. The organization seeks to encourage the continuing development of the art of tapestry weaving in Europe. Therefore a traveling exhibition is organized every three years which is travels through several European countries. The purpose of the ARTAPESTRY exhibitions is to give tapestry weavers the opportunity to show their works to a larger European and international audience.

Despite the difficult framework conditions with which the orzaniszers were confronted by the pandemic, the 6th Arttapestry is able to be held. The jury members Andrea Milde (Tapestry artist, Berlin, Germany), Pawel Kiełpinski (Artist, professor at the University of the Arts, Poznan, Poland) and Leena Svinhufvud (Art Historian, docent and curator at Finish Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland) came together in a two-day virtual meeting and finally selected 43 top-class works of 40 artists from 16 countries. The exhibition was divided into 6 subject areas by the art historian Nina Habolth: Visions of Nature, Ornament and Symbolism, Photo Realism, Dynamics of Space, Picturesque Poetry and Drama. The British Professor of Textile Culture Lesley Millarwrote the text for the catalog.

The opening of the exhibition should actually have taken place on January 15th in Denmark and has now been postponed to the end of February.

Exhibition locations and dates:

6th February – 18th April 2021 
Denmark: ArtCentre Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg 

3rd June - 4th September 2022
Finland: Keski-Suomen Museo (Museum of Central Finland), Jyväskylä

13th November 2021 – 9th January 2022
Sweden: Kulturcentrum Ronneby Kunsthal, Ronneby

The exhibition can already be found online on the website:

Prize winner Lívia Pápai, UH: Way to Light, 2017, 180 x 180 cm
Photo: Tibor Dobor

Agneta B. Lind, SE: Lookout, 2020, 122 x 120 cm
Photo: Agneta B. Lind

Lis Korsgren, SE: Morning Haze, 2017, 162 x 220 cm
Photo: Mark Harris

Renata Rozsivalová, CZ: Title: Geometry of Light and Darkness, 2020, 195 x 265 cm
Photo: Jaroslav Rajzík


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