Arab Weavers - Christian Kings
Medieval Textiles from Spain
Exhibition at Abegg-Stiftung, CH
26.04. - 08.11.2020

Arab Weavers - Christian Kings <br>Medieval Textiles from Sapin <br>Exhibition at Abegg-Stiftung, CH <br>26.04. - 08.11.2020

Striped Silk with Arabic Inscription
Granada, 14th centurx, Abegg-Stiftung, inv. mo. 5838
Especially eye-catching on this colourful silk is the band containing a white insciption on a radiant red ground. The world are a verse from a hymn of prais to the beloved, written in a sweeping, cursive Arabic script.
© Abegg-Stifrunt, CH-3132 Riggisberg (photo: Christoph von Viràg)

The Abegg-Stiftung´s new exhibition sheds light on the eventful history of medieval Span by preseting costly textiles from that period. Mst of the exhibits are silk dating from the 12th to 15th century that were made by Muslim weavers but preserved in a Christian context. Over and above their value to art history, therfore, these objects are also important as contemporary sources for the changing balance of power between Chrstian and Muslim rulers. At the same time, they attest to the fruitful exchange that took place between religions and cultures.

Duration: 26.04. - 8.11. 2020
Open daily from 2 pm to 5.30 pm

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Fabric with Geometric Patterns and Arabic Script
Granada, 14th - 15th century, Sil weaving (lampas), Abegg-Stiftung, inv. no. 211
This silk comines sophisticated geometric patterns with forulaic Arabic felicitations in an ornamentally stylized script. This kind of decorative scheme is familiar to us from the walls of the Alhambra in Granada.
© Abegg-Stiftung, CH-3132 Riggisberg (photo: Christoph von Viràg)

Fragment of the Burial Mantle of King Ferdinand III
Spain, first half 13th century, Silk tapestry, Abegg-Stiftung, inv. no. 3967
This fragment shows the coat of arms of Castile-León: a red lion on a white ground (León) and a golden castle with three towers on a red ground (Caslte). The Kong´s mantle would have consisted of countless such fields arranged in an chessboard pattern. This exceptionally finely worked tapestry was probably made by Muslim weavers in the service of the Chrstian kings.
© Abegg-Stifrunt, CH-3132 Riggisberg (photo: Christoph von Viràg)

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