A Return to the Thread
Solo exhibition by Alvaro Gómez Campuzano
Henrique Faria Art Gallery New York, US
22.04. – 12.06.2021

A Return to the Thread<br>Solo exhibition by Alvaro Gómez Campuzano<br>Henrique Faria Art Gallery New York, US<br>22.04. – 12.06.2021

Work by Alvaro Gómez Campuzano (detail of the exhibition poster)

“A Return to the Thread” is a solo exhibition by the Colombian artist Alvaro Gómez Campuzano at the Henrique Faria Art Gallery, New York. He already took took part in the 13th Lausanne Biennial in 1987 when he was very young.

The exhibition is a collection of his best works that the textile art pioneer created between 1976 and 1990. Gómez Campuzano's artistic work invites the viewer to discover new possibilities of textile creation in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional format.


More information about the artist:


Read more in an article by Eduardo Serran, which he wrote on the occasion of the exhibition about the work of Alvaro Gómez Campuzano:

Work by Alvaro Gómez Campuzano, photo: Lala de Dios

Work by Alvaro Gómez Campuzano, photo: Lala de Dios

Henrique Faria Art Gallery
35 East 67th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10065

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