Sacred Fibres: Textiles of the Hidden High Himalaya
Textile Journey in Northwestern Nepal
30.09. – 15.10. 2024

Sacred Fibres: Textiles of the Hidden High Himalaya Textile Journey in Northwestern Nepal 30.09. – 15.10. 2024

An immersive journey into the textiles of the mountain communities of the Humla area of northwestern Nepal in October 2024.

A collaboration between Nearly Wild Weaving and Nomadic Skies Expeditions.

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An inspiring opportunity to travel with fellow textile enthusiasts. Find out about the practical, cultural and sacred relevance of woven and sewn textiles. Spend time with skilled local artisans, work with them and learn from them. A window into rich but little explored cultural heritage and a journey of personal creative development and inspiration in a stunning mountain environment.

Journey Essentials

  • Length 16 days (15 nights) starting and finishing in Kathmandu
  • Group size 10 – 12 people
  • Local leaders Led by local guides Jigme Lama (lead guide) and Nurbu Lama (camp manager and guide), who are from the very villages that will be the focus of this journey.
  • International creative lead Creatively led and facilitated by Irene Evison
  • Trek lengths 3 days of short treks (2 – 4 hours) to reach mountain communities.
  • Accommodation 5 nights in high quality hotels (Kathmandu and Nepalgunj), 3 nights in a mountain guesthouse, 7 nights in fully supported camp beside mountain communities (tea and warm washing water brought to your tent in the morning!).
  • Fitness A good level of walking fitness is required since the journey will involve flying into relatively high altitude (just below 3000m) and short walking days to reach the villages.

Journey highlights

A journey from the bustling streets of Kathmandu into the beauty and tranquility of the little visited valleys of Humla deep in the high Himalaya.

Discussions, demonstrations and participative sessions with local communities on:

  • Weaving – traditional backstrap and shuttle looms
  • Traditional spinning – of goat and yak wool
  • Yak hair rope and textile production and uses
  • Ceremonial and traditional clothing – production, use, repair and symbolism.
  • Embroidery – on garments and shoes, and their use.
  • Traditional plant-based dyeing and use of plants in traditional medicine.
  • Spiritual and cultural aspects and symbolism of textiles and weaving
  • Supported creative sessions to work with local artisans to develop personal skills.
  • Time for your own creativity inspired by the culture, skills and landscapes of the High Himalaya
  • Optional day treks from Limantang village to explore the Takpaphuk sacred forest and remote Ralling monastery and caves.

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