Symposium Hi-Tex
Textielmuseum, Tilburg, NL

Symposium Hi-Tex Textielmuseum, Tilburg, NL 22.03.2024

Together with Textielcommissie Nederland, we are organizing the Hi-Tex symposium on Friday, March 22. Several high-profile speakers, including Troy Nachtigall, Lecturer Fashion Research & Technology at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Fashion Tech Designer Marina Toeters, will talk about the latest developments in smart, interactive textiles based on their own research and practice. In our living environment, more and more things are connected, they are smart, interactive and respond to our needs or to their environment. But what about fashion and textiles?

Textile X Technology
Early in the twentieth century, the first combinations between electronics and textiles were made. Think, for example, of the electric blanket, which is still sold today. Today, so-called "Smart Textiles" go much further. It produces products that not only respond to their environment or to bodily functions, but can also begin to actively influence them. Examples of this are less well-known, but provide useful applications. T-shirts that help young asthmatics breathe and rugs that signal that someone is lying on the floor. In addition to interaction, the integration of the necessary components into the textile is also important. The goal is for textiles to retain their properties. For example, in what ways are sensors integrated into clothing, how does it feel? In addition to the programme of lectures, we therefore also have a "prototype market" where you can experience different examples of these textiles up close.

Is it alive?
The Hi-Tex symposium highlights the various possibilities of connecting the digital and physical worlds of textiles. It is no coincidence that the symposium takes place in our museum.In fact, the symposium fits seamlessly with our ongoing experience exhibition "Is it alive?".Through the spatial installation on display here, you can experience the interactive possibilities of textiles. Besides 'I am Storm' by DRIFT, other dynamic works are on display by Philip Beesley, Iris van Herpen, Bart Hess and Tanja Smeets, among others.

For whom: For members of the Textile Commission, makers, artists, textile and engineering enthusiasts and students
Duration: 12 - 6 p.m.
Price: From 14,50 Euros
Particularities: The language of communication during the symposium is English. Your ticket gives you access to the TextielMuseum and closing networking event!

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