Seth Siegelaub: Textile Art Theory
Villa Sucota e Triennale Milano, IT
06.10.2023 – 07.01.2024

Seth Siegelaub: Textile Art Theory<br>Villa Sucota e Triennale Milano<br>06.10.2023–07.01.2024

The exhibition Seth Siegelaub: textile art theory is organized on the occasion of the Antonio Ratti Foundation's recent acquisition of Seth Siegelaub's prestigious book collection and the subsequent donation of his textile collection by Marja Bloem, director of Egress Foundation. Through works, textiles and documents, the exhibition reconstructs the journey of one of the most fascinating figures in contemporary culture. A retrospective on Seth Siegelaub is necessary to explore the complexity of his research work in art, politics, bibliography, textiles and culture and his influence on new generations.

The exhibition is divided into two parts: an exhibition in the Impluvium of Triennale Milano condenses the essential cores of the multifaceted activity of gallery owner, curator, publisher, archivist and collector Siegelaub, while in the new spaces of the Antonio Ratti Foundation inaugurated for the occasion - Capriccio and Ala Ovest - a biographical examination of his work and research is articulated.

The display in Milan designed by Philippe Rahm relates the three central axes of the exhibition: the textile finds, intense publishing activity and contemporary art. Textiles, books and documents dialogue with the pioneering projects of his New York activity, which made him one of the most significant figures and founders of conceptual art, will be on display with the works of Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Daniel Buren, Rosemarie Castoro, Pierre Clerk, Hanne Darboven, Jan Dibbets, Douglas Huebler, Robert Huot, Joseph Kosuth, Robert Morris, Lawrence Weiner, Edward Whiteman, Neil Williams, Laurent Sauerwein. At the same time, the younger generations' interest in Seth Siegelaub, and his lifelong attention to them, will be represented by the works of artists belonging to different generations such as Maria Eichhorn, Rini Hurkmans, Sam Hersbach, Matthieu Laurette, Izhar Patkin, Laurent Sauerwein, Hans Scholten, Berend Strik, Remco Torenbosch and Mario García Torres.
A special section curated by Lauren van Haaften-Schick is dedicated to the Artist's Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale agreement, created by Seth Siegelaub in 1971 together with the lawyer Robert Projansky.

The exhibition is just the beginning of a long-term project dedicated to Seth Siegelaub and his book and textile collections and will be accompanied by a rich public program curated by Martina Angelotti and Lorenzo Benedetti in dialogue with Marja Bloem.

Seth Siegelaub: textile art theory
An exhibition by Fondazione Antonio Ratti and Triennale Milano
Curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Marja Bloem, Maddalena Terragni

Triennale Milano
06.10.2023 - 07.01.2024

Fondazione Antonio Ratti
08.10.2023 - 07.01.2024
Thursday and Friday 10 - 13 / 15 - 18
Saturday 11 - 18

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