Open Call: The FITE Textile Biennale Prize
Clermont-Ferrand, FR
Deadline: 30.12.2023

Open Call: The FITE Textile Biennale Prize<br>Clermont-Ferrand, FR<br>Deadline: 30.12.2023

The FITE - Territoires Textiles Prize offers young European designers the opportunity to showcase their research in the field of textiles and to develop it during a residency in a company or with a master of art. It will also enable 10 selected participants to present their work during an exhibition from July to September 2024 as part of the FITE "PLAY". On this occasion, a second prize will be awarded following a vote by the exhibition public.

The Fite, is all year long
Since the first edition of the FITE in 2012, the Musée Bargoin and the agency HS Projets have joined forces in order to create the Festival International des Textiles Extra ordinaires (the International Festival of Extra ordinaries Textiles) along with the City of Clermont-Ferrand, soon joined by Clermont Auvergne Metropole. Since its very first édition the festival has been supported by the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Auvergne Rhône Alpes (Regional cultural affaires directorate). The conseil départemental (department council) and the région Auvergne Rhône Alpes are also supporting the festival.

Values, Visions & Missions
The Festival International des Textiles Extraordinaires (FITE) offers this unique meeting by creating a international scene in order to show off textiles which have a strong cultural or patrimonial meaning. The idea is to invite all the 5 continents, to make craftpersons, designers, creators, artists and more from differents countries meet each other. This event wants to show the human issues, the economic issues and the ecologic issues inseparable from extraordinary textiles.

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