Natthagen AiR
Open Call - Residency 2024
Natthagen, NO

Natthagen AiR<br>Open Call - Residency 2024<br>Natthagen, NO

Transporting the frame of the tapestry to the barn.

Natthagen is an artist’s residency, situated in rural Julussdalen, on the edge of the taiga region in the south-east of Norway,. The buildings lie in a traditional farming area and include a museum of local crafts and tools,  such as weaving looms and spinning wheels - which can be used by resident artists. The museum is open in June, July and August, attracting quite a few visitors. The house where the artist in residence resides dates back to 1790 and has a monumental status.
Natthagen has started to create a Sculpture Path of which some works have already been executed.  The relation between the art works and the surrounding nature is important.
Artists that see a possibility for an outdoor work in the rather harsh Norwegian weather conditions: please send a plan. The works on the Sculpture Path will all decay and return to nature eventually. However, they should remain for some years, if possible.
It is also possible to create living and growing art.
Apart from the Sculpture Path, Natthagen also is looking for artists who want to do a residency for a month and want to work in the beautiful studio or the vast barn. You can send in a work plan for this residency.
The fee for one month is € 650 with a non-refundable deposit of 25%.

For questions or to submit your work plan, C.V. and portfolio,
send it to:
Trond Einar Solberg Indsetviken:
You can also fill in the application form at

More information on
Linnerudvegen 100
2410 Hernes

More information on the blog of Dutch artists Mels Dees and Mariëlle van den Bergh:
or questions:
We were artist-in-residence at Natthagen in 2020 and in 2023.

Guided tour and tapestry, Norwegian Coast

Trond Einar at the knitting machine.

Natthagen with studio.

Museum with traditional crafts.

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