När rötter bränns
Textile Museum Borås, SE
24.02. – 26.05.2024

När rötter bränns Textile Museum Borås, SE 24.02. – 26.05.2024

This exhibition brings together the works of nine artists and handicrafters who each approach the Sjuhärad area and Västra Götaland region in unique ways.

Textile knowledge and materials – which form the roots of crafting traditions – have not only arrived here and become established, but also moved from here to other places in the world. The story told by the exhibition starts with the import of cotton through the Transatlantic trade in the nineteenth century, and goes via labour immigration in the twentieth century to the export of design ideas produced by textile industries all over the globe in the twenty-first century. In the exhibition, stories from the Textile Museum of Sweden’s archives are presented through photography and sound to create dialogues between contemporary practices and the historical roots of places. This results in a conversation about textiles as materials that focus on their being in constant movement.

Participating artists
Klara Albertsson
Katrin Bawah
Malinn Daengtakote Petersén
Karin Granstrand
Ben-hui grâce wu
Hållams Linnea Henriksson
Fadhel Mourali
Statira Jazayeri
Carina Petersson

Åsa Dybwad Norman och Frida Hållander

More information: https://textilmuseet.se/utstallningar/utstallningar/2023-12-21-nar-rotter-branns

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