Eszter Bornemisza: Sense of Place
Visions Museum of Textile Art, San Diego, US
13.01. – 27.04.2024

Eszter Bornemisza: Sense of Place Visions Museum of Textile Art, San Diego, US 13.01. – 27.04.2024

Another Night, Eszter Bornemisza, 2021

Exploring the interplay between urban landscapes and our individual narratives, Eszter Bornemisza, a Budapest-based fiber artist, intricately crafts recycled paper, textiles, and soft materials into this thought-provoking installation. Embracing machine stitching, dyeing, and painting, her work evokes both tangible and abstract maps, seeking to capture the essence of navigating physical and mental spaces within cities. Through fragmented, distorted city plans, Sense of Place symbolizes the evolution of our societal narratives alongside evolving urban structures, inviting contemplation on our collective experience in the Age of Information.

“Maps are imprints of us living in a system. Like labyrinths,” says Bornemisza, “they offer a rich ground for associations, deepening our understanding of our life and circumstances. As the urban structure develops, widens, thickens, clots, and creates subsystems in history, the cities that live within us undergo an endless and continuous evolution. ”

Eszter Bornemisza is a fiber artist living in Budapest, Hungary, working with recycled paper, textiles, and other found soft materials. Trained and having worked as a mathematician, she began the transition to textile arts in the mid-90s. After making art quilts for more than 10 years, her interest has turned to creating transparent wall hanging objects and installations using ripped, overprinted newspaper with additional printing, dyeing, and painting elements.

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