Verwey Museum Haarlem, NL
27.01. – 21.04.2024

D(R)AAD Verwey Museum Haarlem, NL 27.01. – 21.04.2024

Patricia Kaersenhout Julia de Limal, Proud Rebels, 2015

The exhibition D(R)AAD (= thread) opens on 27 January, highlighting the power of embroidery as a form of protest and healing from trauma. This exhibition is part of a new series of three contemporary art exhibitions: Let Go and Hold Close.

D(R)AAD links historical embroidery with contemporary artworks. D(R)AAD focuses on social embroidery initiatives that use embroidery as a tool for social bonding or as a means of processing trauma, both individually and collectively. Works by Lilly Lulay, Klaas Rommelaere, patricia kaersenhout, Monika Auch and others will be on display until 21 April 2024.

Embroidery and it’s political significance: it can be an expression of protest and a way of making one's voice heard in difficult circumstances. Embroidery can also help process trauma and provide comfort in times of conflict, illness and imprisonment. For example, the 1946 Dutch liberation skirt took on a symbolic value as women embroidered important dates and memories on it. They wore the skirt on national holidays.

D(R)AAD is the first small exhibition in the series Let Go and Hold Close, which explores how contemporary art can contribute to a new experience of cultural heritage. Using contemporary issues and themes, the series reflects on objects, stories and themes from the permanent exhibition. The exhibition, curated by Kim Knoppers, invites visitors to discover the power of the needle as a tool for social engagement and personal healing. D(R)AAD offers a unique insight into the history and contemporary practice of embroidery as protest and healing.

Maya Amer
Monika Auch / Stitch Your Brain
Andrea Dezsö
Feministische Handwerk Partij
Fine Cell Work
Marian Jongma
Patricia Kaersenhout
Klaas Rommelaere
Lilly Lulay
Anne Verhoijsen

Verwey Museum Haarlem, Groot Heiligland 47, 2011 EP Haarlem
Free entry every first Sunday of the month

More information: www.verweymuseumhaarlem.nl

Monika Auch, StitchMYBrain

Lilly Lulay, Sony CMD Z1 Plus Mobile Phone (2006) From the series Early Digital Tech

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