Call For Entries – Artapestry7
Deadline: 07.01.2024

Call For Entries – Artapestry7 EUROPEAN TAPESTRY FORUM, Copenhagen, DK Deadline: 01.01.2024

ETF (European Tapestry Forum) is calling for entries for its Seventh European Tapestry Triennial exhibition, ARTAPESTRY7.

ETF was established by tapestry artists for tapestry artists. The organization works to encourage the continuing development of the art of tapestry weaving and holds regular triennial exhibitions as part of its intention to demonstrate the versatility of this technique and to promote it to a wider audience.

ARTAPESTRY7 will open in July 2024 at Deutsche Textile Museum, Krefeld, Germany, and tour to KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad, Denmark in January 2025 and Budapest, early 2026. Further venues in Europe may be announced when details are finalized. Work accepted for the exhibition will therefore be committed for two years.

The exhibition is open to professional tapestry artists who live and work in Europe. Europe is defined of 51 countries.
For the purposes of this exhibition, ETF defines "tapestry" as a hand-woven weft-faced material with covered warp threads and discontinuous wefts.

Submitted work must be designed and woven by the artist.
Work should not be more than 5 years old. (completed by 2019 or later).
It must be a minimum area of 1.44m2 (e.g.120 x 120cm or 60 x 240cm) and should not be larger than 400cm x 400cm.

ETF's main aim is to promote handwoven tapestry, but in order to encourage innovation in the field, the jury will be open to selecting a small number of works (no more than 10% of exhibition) executed in related techniques such as jacquard weave. All works must meet all other selection criteria.

Work will be selected by an independent jury of three experts in their field.
The full jury for ARTAPESTRY7 will soon be confirmed. As before, we are bringing together a group of distinguished professional artists, academics and curators in order to select the tapestries for the exhibition.

The jurors are:

  1. Livia Papai, tapestry-artist Hungary
  2. Dr. Isa Fleischmann-Heck. deputy Director for European Textiles and
    Clothing, Deutsches Textilmuseum Krefeld
  3. TBA

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