ANNIE BASCOUL – Living and dreaming lace
The Chantilly Lace Museum, Chantilly, FR
27.01. – 07.07.2024

ANNIE BASCOUL – Living and dreaming lace The Chantilly Lace Museum, Chantilly, FR 27.01. – 07.07.2024

Aux marches du palais, Lit aux pervenches (detail), 210cm x 210cm, Poinct de Tulle, PLA, fil de coton, 2019

Lace is a technique that can be used in volume, exaggeratedly enlarged, and experimented with in a wide range of materials. Today there are many ways to interpret it. I like to show that it is not a technique that has had its day: it is possible to make it your own and adapt it to your own style, even if only by focusing on one step of the production process […]. Finally, it also means learning to look at these old techniques differently, to actualize them and make them interesting to our contemporary eye.

Living and dreaming the lace
An exhibition that invites contemplation and reverie.
From January 27 to July 7, the Musée de la dentelle de Chantilly invites visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Annie Bascoul.
A visual artist inspired by plants, decorative arts, fine arts and fashion, Annie Bascoul crossed paths with lace in 2010. Stitches, threads, and crosses have surreptitiously invaded her sculptures and installations.
In works in which traditional skills meet new technologies, volumes and materials, the artist offers us an updated version of lace. Enlarged out of proportion, combined with 3D printing or welded steel in monumental, aerial compositions, Annie Bascoul’s lace floods the space. Plastic, metal and cotton lace coexist harmoniously, shiny and opaque, transparent and opaque. In a play of transitions, shadows and light, Annie Bascoul’s works envelop the visitor, offering a poetic journey into the heart of threads and dots, as if in a third dimension…

Annie Bascoul
“My ambition is to reveal an idea of beauty that rhymes with dream and poetry, and to aim to provoke an emotion. The emotion one feels when confronted with a particular reality. The ‘beauty’ I seek is essentially found in nature, Decorative Arts and Fine Arts, which inspire me greatly. I want these creations to be rare and precious, beautiful, and poetic.”

Born in Valenciennes in 1958, Annie Bascoul lives and works in Saint-Nectaire. She graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art Plastiques in Paris.

Annie Bascoul draws inspiration from the plant kingdom, decorative arts, fine arts, literature, and fashion. Initially influenced by the work of Annette Messager and Sophie Calle, she is also interested in the painters of the Support Surface movement (Viallat, Jaccard…), the work of Simon Hantaï, Rothko, Cy Twombly, De Kooning, Ann Hamilton, Shiharu Chiota, Pierrick Sorin… She is also fascinated by Memling, van der Weyden, Botticelli, Bronzino, Rembrandt…

I have always been impressed by their style, the atmosphere that their canvases give off or the poetry or a certain spirituality… or the economy of means”.

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Aux marches du palais, Lit aux pervenches, 210cm x 210cm, Poinct de Tulle, PLA, fil de coton, 2019

Moucharabieh coton, armature porte en acier, 6m x 2m75cm, 2010

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