16th International Triennial of Tapestry in Łódź, PL
05.10.2019 – 15.03.2020

Overview exhibition The Art of Lace / Haute couture from Chanel to Iris Herpen – designer Iris van Herpen

Exhibition view: 16th Triennial of Tapesty in Lodz, PL, Photo by the organizer

The International Triennial of Tapestry in Łódź, the oldest and the most important presentation of phenomena connected with the medium of textiles, take place for the 16th time in 2019/2020. It was a good moment to refresh the format, to give the Triennial an open character and to get a closer look at textiles in a broader context.
For the first time in the history of the meetings in Łódź, the Triennial is provided with curatorial care. Marta Kowalewska, who undertook this task, has prepared a number of important displays centered around the art of textiles, and has been researching the history and context of artistic textiles as well as analyzing an popularizing the accomplishments of Polish authors on that front.
For the first time, the Triennial is focused around a key theme, which is “Breaching Borders.” This topic includes many problems of the modern world, which redefine the meaning of the identity of our civilization, ethnic groups, social groups or each of us individually. The exhibition is an exceptional opportunity to show how each artist approaches the use of textilebased materials, techniques and performance. Discussions on textiles, performance, societal impact and politics are generally infused with passion and urgency but rarely receive the critical attention they deserve. This unique show emphasises how contemporary, research-based and conceptually engaged work achieves just that.
It is a tradition of the Triennial that beside the main presentation there is the National Exhibition of the Polish Tapestry and the National Exhibition of the Polish Miniature Textiles, which has also changed the form and is organised under curatorial care.

More information: https://cmwl.pl/public/informacje/16-miedzynarodowe-triennale-tkaniny,68

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Exhibition views: 16th Triennial of Tapesty in Lodz, PL, Photos by the organizer


Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź
282 Piotrkowska St.
93 - 034 Łódź

Information for 16th International Triennial of Tapestry in Łódź
Aleksandra Kmiecik, phone 500 528 605, 42 683 26 84 w. 267
e-mail: triennial16@cmwl.pl



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