Guided tours throught the Textile Centre Haslach // 27 & 28 July 2019

Domiciled under the roof of the historical buildings of a textile factory, the Textile Centre Haslach is a cooperation of 5 partners, who want to further develop the textile tradition of the Mühlviertel region. As their focusses are different, many and varied synergies arise between the poles of museum, production, training and art.
The Textile Centre Haslach hosts the newly designed Museum of Weaving. It displays the steps of processing from flax preparation to the finished linen as well as the development of the handlooms through to the Jacquard loom. Textile materials and techniques can be grasped in the true sense of the word and be experienced with all senses. The devices and machines of the museum are operated for demonstration purposes and are also used for production. During the guided tour visitors also see the modern machines on the production floor and the course rooms of the Textile Centre Haslach.