Conference day 1: lectures // 29 July 2019

Lectures by different speakers:

Mary Schoeser, GB: Roundels From Around the World: Symbols of the Garden of Eden?
Karina Grömer, AT: Colour – Pattern – Glamour - Textiles as prestige goods in Central Europe 800-400 BC
Karin Altmann, AT: Fabric of Life – Textile Arts in Bhutan
Walter Bruno Brix, DE: Blossoms, Flowers and Butterflies – Textiles from China and Japan
Tanja Boukal, AT: Hang by a Thread
Lesley Millar, GB: A Sensual Awakening
Keiko Kawashima, JP: Nature in Textiles - the Work of Chiyoko Tanaka and Naomi Kobayashi
Kei Kawasaki, JP: Before Cotton - Japanese textiles
Christiane Löhr, DE: Densified Spaces
Julia Körner, AT: Digital Vogue: Between Organic and Synthetic Processes
Marga Persson, SE/AT: My "Paradise" - et cetera
Network sessions by various ETN members