The 16th ETN Conference, including the General Assembly
Kaunas/LITHUANIA, from 22nd to 24th of September 2011
(with pre- and post-programme from 21st to 30th of September)

The theme: Rewind into the Future - Celebration 20 years of ETN
In the framework of the 8th Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE 11

Organizers: ETN together with the Kaunas Artists Support Fund (www.biennial.lt)

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Our Conference 2011 is joining together with the 8th International Textile Biennial in Kaunas (http://www.biennial.lt). Both organizers are looking to the recent past and at the same time to the future.
The European Textile Network is continuing the international activities, started by the Textilforum e.V. association, founded in 1981, next September exactly 30 years ago. For the ETN Secretariat 2011 is a very special celebration, reminding the initiators that they will not have a further 30 years of activities in the field of textile cultural communication ahead of them. This is the right time to have a look back: What did we want to achieve and where are we now? What we wanted to achieve and still consider desirable, is published in three languages in the ETN Manifest of 1991, to be read on our website http://www.etn-net.org/etn/12e.htm.
At the Conference in Kaunas these and further themes, related to the continuity and the further development of the Network, shall be discussed in the frame of the Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE 11. Our Lithuanian hosts not only offer a wide range of international textile art – which they would have done in any case under the motto of their biennial shows – but they also offer eight further exhibitions dedicated to our members and guests, one of these is showing the work of some TEXERE members (the Network of textile lecturers and teachers in Europe) and their students or adult groups.

The Conference programme

The programme published here is now fixed. The conference hotel is now full, those who still need a room can contact the Kaunas Biennial organizers: Monika Kreive, email: mkreive@gmail.com
I would like to especially mention the “Networking session” on Saturday, 24 September: About 25 participants talk for 10 minutes about the projects they want to carry through, possibly with partners from other countries. Contributions are held in English and will have a maximum of 10 images. It will serve the aim to focus the attention of the participants on projects by ETN members and guests. Those who want to know more can then ask for more details individually.
The ETN Board will be very pleased to welcome many committed ETN members and guests to this attractive jubilee celebration.

Beatrijs Sterk, ETN secretariat

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