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The international exhibition

Visions in Textiles - From Tradition to Textile Art/Design of Tomorrow

List of participating artists

This exhibition will coincide with the 13th ETN Conference held in Izmir/Turkey from September 15th - 17th, 2005. Organiser is the Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Textile Design Department in Izmir. Venue of the exhibition, that will take place from September 15th to October 8th, 2005, is the Izmir State Art and Sculpture Museum. The exhibition will be curated by Derya Akdurak, a prominent Turkish architect and designer.

The aim is to present textile art and design inspired by the participants' respective cultural heritage, yet showing a modern expression and seeking to highlight new ways of designing for tomorrow. The theme was selected in the light of the rich textile heritage found everywhere in this host country, which the comparatively recent textile departments in Turkey's universities hope to draw on.

Participation is open to anyone in the world. Participants are free to choose their materials and techniques, including state-of-the-art developments. There is no restriction in size, except for that imposed by shipping: to save on expense, parcels should not exceed 50 x 50 x 100 cm and should weigh no more than 10 kg. Each participant is allowed to enter a maximum of two pieces no older than three years (2002) for the selection; it may be better to send two parcels! (In some countries it is possible to send parcels weighing up to 15 kg or 30 kg. A list of these is available from the organiser). The value of individual works must not exceed Euro 5,000.

The jury will judge the submissions on the basis of slides (please submit a full-size picture and a detail view for each work). The members of the jury are Derya Akdurak, architect and curator of the Izmir exhibition; Professor Suhandan Özay Demirkan, textile artist and leading organiser; Belkis Balpinar, textile artist; Polly Leonard, editor of the UK Selvedge magazine; Beatrijs Sterk, Secretary General of ETN; and a representative of the Turkish sponsors.

The slides to be entered must be of sufficient technical quality to enable printing of illustrations, which will also be used to produce the bilingual (English-Turkish) colour catalogue. A participation fee will not be charged. Participants will be liable to pay shipping costs both to and from the venue, including any customs fees that might fall due. (The registration form contains hints on how to avoid customs fees.) Selected pieces must arrive at the exhibiting museum by 1st August 2005.

Postal address for application (slides and brief CV):
Ms Faden Suzan Kudsioglu, Director Kültür ve Turizm Bakanligi, Izmir Devlet Resim ve Heykei Müzesi (Ministry of Culture and Tourism - Izmir State Art and Sculpture Museum) Mithatpasa Cac. no. 94; TR-35260 IZMIR - Konak, Turkey

E-mail address for application:
suhandan@hotmail.com or gsf-tekstil@deu.edu.tr

Deadline for registration/slide submissions: May 1st, 2005 (already expired)

List of participating artists

Notes for the artists chosen

The juried international exhibition „Visions in Textiles – From Tradition to Textile Art/Design of Tomorrow” from 15th September to 8th October 2005 at the Izmir State Art and Sculpture Museum

(The deadline for entries was 1st May 2005)

The jury met on 18th/19th May to consider submissions by 214 artists with 350 works from 42 countries. For reasons of space the selection had to be restricted to 132 works. Thus 114 artists from 31 countries remain, among them 30 artists with 37 works from Turkey, the host country, among them 4 invited artists.

Name (work/s) as of 22nd June 2005 (for final list see exhibition catalogue)

Karin Binder (Coexistence II)
Erica Hovanyi Erdfahne
Beatrix Ikonomu (Five Continents)
Beatrix Kaser (Proutred)
Eva Lachner (Intermezzo)
Renate Maak (Thouths-Tendrils)
Edit Mostboeck-Huber (Wings Of Peace)
Betty Boulez Cuykx (MMS to the Sultan Soleiman Le Magnifique)
Helene De Ridder (Movement of words)
Rita Trefois (Undermined Cochlea III)
Dorothea Van De Winkel (Pencil Drawing II)
Ceca Georgieva (Landscape for men)
Maria Kirkova (White over Black)
Maurice A. Piot (La Perese)
Gudrun Achterberg (Parliament)
Margit Boll (Black yellow fragments II)
Monika Engel (Mother Earth)
Anke Hennig (Necklace 2)
Inge Stahl (After Flossenburg - Suit For Grand Father)
Sabine Zeiler (Vision)
Kirsten Dammand (Mutated Life)
Jette Nevers (Glass Cloth I-IV)
Karina Nielsen (Threads One) (Threads Two)
Susanne Nielsen (Black & white 1)
Mare Kelpman (Festive 1)
Brigitte Amarger (Writing veils)
Marie Noelle Fontan (Palmier)
Marie Hélène Guelton (Feathers)
Betty De Paris (Triangle)
Sunna Kangas (Printed on wool)
Marita Lappalainen (...Web)
Silja Pronen (I Could Have Danced all Night)
Khatuna Popiashvili (Transparent Face)
Ismini Samanidou (Drawing)
Vito Capone (Pendent) (Pendent)
Adriana Cappelli (Giochi di colore 3) (Giochi di colore 4)
Monica Notarbartolo (Nassa)
Pamela Hardesty (Altar)
Gerdur Gudmundsdottir (Blue Mountains)
Virginija Kirveliene (Memories The Grandmother)
Karina Matiukiene (Together)
Zydre Ridulyte (Changing But Continuing Dimai-Dimuciai)
Runa Boger (Collecting Thoughts in My House
Gurvor Olsen (Blue Handheld)
Els Van Baarle (No Title)
Inge Evers (Ode to My Mother)
Malgorzata Lachman (Composition BX)
Monika Loster (Net)
Luduika Zytkiewicz (Light and Shadow)
Karolyn Zold Gyongyi (t-e-r-r-a “n”)
Ingrid Enarsson (Vision)
Anna Sörensson (Colour Installation I)
Silvia Fedorova (Chain IV) (Chain V)
UK-United Kingdom
Liz Clay (No title)
Sue Gregor (No title)
Michelle Griffiths (Cross Pollination)
Faith Kane (Nonwoven Fabric I)
Phillip O’Reilly (Katmanli Daha)
Shuna Rendel (Organic Sac) (Line Quality)
Jennifer Shellard (Reflect 1) (Reflect 2)
Norma Starszakovna (Rust graffitit)
Janet Stoyel (Phosphore Bronze Collection)
Larysa Lukash (Angel Above The City)

Sedef Acar (Jury) (Fresh Green)
Haldun Acara (Ritm)
Idil Akbostanci (Kar)
Cafer Arslan (Bir zamanlar) (Bir Düs)
Sevim Arslan (Isimsiz)
Belkis Balpinar/invited (Spatial Fabric)
Gülcan Batur Ercivan (Clustured) (Explosion)
Sonja Böhlander Tranrisever (Düs Manzarasi 1)
Çigdem Çini (Isimsiz)
Pelin Dikmen (Oyalarin Dansi) (Ceyiz & Dantel)
Öznur Enes (Lighthouse)
Nuray Er (Zamanin Içinde)
Canan Erdönmez (Yasam Döngüsü)
Bettina Franckenberg (Kutular)
Nur Gökbulut (Yalin Iliskiler)
Reyhan Kaya (Sentez)
Ülkü Kaymaz (Variation)
Selda Kozbekçi (Boutique)
Mustafa Kula (Konusan Ceket) (Ilkbahar)
Firat Neziroglu (This is your life)
Suhandan Özay/invited (Dowry trunk)
Füsun Özpulat/invited (Fortune tell)
Maria Sezer (Nevin’in Entarisi)
Ayten Sürür/invited (Charm Kaftan)
Biret Tavman (Erkek) (Kadin)
Nesrin Türkmen (Izler 1)
Cemile Tuna (Altin Bulutlar)
Maya Urseitova (Çizme ve Sal)
Ali Yaldir (Anadolu)
Leyla Yildirim (3 idol) (Deep)


Veronica Calarco (Icons)
Jenny Turner (Floating Squarez)
Joanne Circle (She Let Her Hair Down) (Tenderness)
Meghan Price (Bubble Bath)
Irena Bienchonska (Memory I) (Memory II)
Yehudid Katz (Cornucopia)
Romana Valiulla (The ideal Perfection) (The Sutoon)
Sugane Hara (Songs Without Voice)
Amayokasim Yamamoto (Nyu)
Masao Yoshimura (Making of Cloth-Suzu)
Carolina Gonzalez Aspillaga (Irregular Surface)
USA-United States
Johanna Foslien (A Geography of Absence)
Dorothy McGuinness (Whirlwind) (Sun flower)
Akiko Kotani (The Wall)
Christine Martens (Westmend with gold leaf)
Suzanne Morlock (Wig)
Cynthia Schira (After Miro)
Meredith Strauss (Mariposa)
Joan Truckenbrod (Song Lines)
Patricia Wheeler (Summer Quilt)

Notes for the artists chosen

Shipment of works to and from the exhibition will be paid by the participants
Attention: Please mark
on the outside of the package.
Please make use of your normal post system. Other systems like FedEx, UPS etc. are more expensive, not only for you but also for the exhibition host.
The size of the package is limited: 50 to 50 to100cm, and to 10kg.(For some countries 15 to 30 kg are allowed. It is possible to use two separate containers. A list will be available with weight limitations and prices of return freight per country.) The value of each of the works should be limited to 5000 Euro. On the outside of the package the value should be below 100 Euros to avoid custom payment. Alternatively an official paper (carnet) from your customs, stating that this object is for an exhibition and not for sale, could be added. All artwork should be sent/shipped in sturdy, reusable containers in time to arrive at the museum address latest by 1 August 2005. Exhibiting artists are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs to the venue of the exhibition and for prepayment of return shipping and insurance. No art work will be returned without advance payment of these expenses.

The artists listed above should send their art work(s) to:
Ms Faden Suzan Kudsioglu
Kultur ve Turizm Bakanligi, Izmir Devlet Resim ve Heykel Müzesi
Mithatpasa Cad. No.94 TR-35260 Konak – Izmir TURKEY
Tel.+90-232/4820393; fax/ 4410526

Questions related to the exhibition: Ms Dr. Özlenen Erdem Ismal, fax: +90-232/2390594;
e-mail: gsf-tekstil@deu.edu.tr

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